Milo Yiannopolis Asked to be on Samantha Bee's Show, and the Response Was Perfect

“Conservative” “provocateur” Milo Yiannopolis hasn’t been seen or heard from much lately. The collapse of his career following comments he made defending child rape has left him without much of a platform.


So, he’s apparently out there, trying to get some publicity again, and according to a leaked email, his PR team turned to Samantha Bee. Bee’s show, it seems, would have none of it.

That answer is so pure, so simple, that it deserves to be honored. This is exactly the type of response that Milo deserves.

Milo is a guy who made himself famous by being racy, “provocative,” and by fantasizing publicly about Trump. That he isn’t being given much of a platform now is indicative that many in the media do recognize exactly how much talent that takes (hint: it’s zero).

Having provided nothing of value to conservative dialogue, it is fitting that he be reduced to rejections from television comics.


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