Trump Downplays Any Russia Involvement in Election, Recklessly Implies Russians Capable of Laughter

So long as people want to say that Russia is definitely the reason that Donald Trump won the election, then Donald Trump will be on Twitter to defend his pride, honor, manhood, and child-sized hands (presumably).

With the investigation into the Trump campaign hitting a little close to home (thanks, Jared!), Trump is once again taking to social media to register his complaints about the Democrats just not accepting that they lost.

There are two problems with this tweet. The first problem is that he is keeping the story going when no one was really reporting anything on it. Maybe we shouldn’t be shedding light on a negative story right now, you know?

The second problem with the tweet is Trump’s dangerous and reckless implication that Russians are capable of laughter.

Not even Russian webcam models smile or laugh (I am told), and if any Russians are capable of laughter, it is probably only sinister. I have certainly never seen any of them laugh out of joy. In fact, the only time I’ve ever seen Russians laugh was in Rocky and Bullwinkle, and I was informed recently that cartoons are not real, so I am skeptical of Trump’s claim.

I guess Trump is guilty of #FakeNews, too.

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