Why Does Donald Trump Hate Dogs?

This is a legitimate question. I genuinely want to know if Donald Trump hates dogs or if he simply doesn’t know how dogs and dog ownership work. The reason I ask is because I saw this on Twitter…


And it reminded me that he has made other weird dog comparisons before.

I would very much like to know if the President of the United States of America legitimately doesn’t know how dogs work, because that seems like pretty basic information. Or, worse, what if he hates dogs? That’s way worse than him eating steaks well done with ketchup.


Dogs don’t get fired (except in rural communities or farms, where rabid ones get shot). They don’t dump each other or cheat on each other because they are too primitive to understand the concept of monogamous relationships. And you don’t drop dogs. From any height.

Some senior adviser in the White House really needs to explain dogs and dog ownership to the President, because dogs are wonderful creatures and he would probably not be so grumpy at news reports if he had one to go home to.



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