Mark Halperin Stumbles Across Joy on an Airplane and Immediately Hates It

NBC political analyst Mark Halperin was on a Delta flight when he came across something that most Americans will go their whole lives without seeing: a dog in a bow tie. The dog looks excited to be on the plane, and is dressed to the nines in a pink bow tie.


Mark Halperin took no joy in this image.

What is wrong with you, Mark Halperin? This is arguably the greatest moment that has been captured on any airplane ever. Why on earth would you feel no joy in this moment?

This is terrible. Mark Halperin is terrible.

He later tried to remedy the situation by tweeting that the dog was sat apart from its owner, and that he thought that was outrageous. He was trying to call attention to that situation, you see.

Charlie (the dog), and his owner (not a dog), seem to disagree with Halperin on the matter.

Internet sleuths may call the tweet a hoax, as the dog is wearing a different bowtie in the second image. Our own investigation has provided no confirmation one way or the other.

Charlie’s owner, however, has provided a longer account of his and Charlie’s experience alongside Halperin.

So it was the 10:45 red eye on delta. in first class the seating arrangement was A-BC-D seating. I had purchased 6A and 6B and Halperin was in 6C. The dog and I fly back and forth from California to NY 2–3 times a month. I am always aware to make sure to get the dog her own seat (she lays on the floor and sleeps) to ensure she doesn’t encroach anyone’s personal space. So I put Charlie (the dog) in 6A where she was great. She was in arms reach and everything was cool. Right before we took off the dog came and sat in between my legs for take off so she was secured. At this point halperin (I had no idea who he was) calls for a flight attendant and tells her that he refuses to sit next to a dog. Those were his exact words. At that point I noticed he took a picture of the dog which I just ignored. Next thing you know the lead flight attendant asked if I minded giving halperin 6A. It was so strange he wouldn’t even look or speak to me about it. If he would have asked me I would have obliged, no big deal. I couldn’t believe how rude this guy was carrying on as I sat right next to him. So I obliged, he moved into 6A and left his shoes and a mess in his little first class cubicle area. I politely brought him his shoes and belongings to which he literally looked the other way and that was that. I then woke up this morning to a friend sending me the article and was in shock reading his tweets. Mind you Delta did absolutely nothing wrong, the flight attendant were extremely accommodating to his wishes all while trying to make sure I wasn’t upset in any way. They handled the situation kindly and professionally.


Mark Halperin refused to sit next to a dog.

Why does Mark Halperin despise happiness?


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