Democrats Invite Illegals to Trump's Speech, and He Outmaneuvers Them. Again.

It is very difficult at this point to believe in so many coincidences. Trump has managed to somehow turn a few potential problems into PR victories over the Democrats, and while I do not credit him with being some strategic genius, his ability to troll the Democrats at this point is something to be admired.


Last night, Democrats were described by a breathless media as preparing to bring illegal citizens, “DREAMers,” to his big speech to Congress tonight. I guess as a means of trying to shame them. It is hard to imagine, then, that his next move was a coincidence, and in fact was a means of trolling the Democrats.

Earlier today, after an off-the-record lunch with Trump, several reporters began running the story that Trump was open to an immigration compromise, where the so-called DREAMers had a chance to become citizens. In fact, all undocumented citizens who had not committed a major crime would be eligible for citizenship under his potential proposal.

So, what is happening now is that the Democrats have invited these illegal immigrants to a Donald Trump speech, where he may very well tell them to their face that they will be citizens as soon as Congress passes his immigration reform package. He, in effect, could pull the phenomenal trick of turning a crowd of protesters into a crowd of supporters.

I’m not saying he’s a genius, but he has survived since the summer of 2015 as a troll on a national stage. It is something that at least deserves a nod of respect.



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