Trump Asks Black Reporter to Arrange Meeting With Black Caucus. Because She's Black. I Guess.

During the press conference today, Donald Trump was asked by reporter April Ryan if he was willing to work with the Congressional Black Caucus on issues like inner city development, among other issues.


His response? “Are they friends of yours? Set up the meeting.”

No. Really.

I honestly don’t know what he was going for here. Best case scenario (although it’s really bad still) is that he was being snarky and basically saying “Hey, they’re Democrats. You’re the liberal media. You are basically the same.” But, that’s really clever, and so likely not what he was going for.

He saw a black reporter. Who was asking about the Congressional Black Caucus. He assumed they were tight and asked her to do him a solid and set up that meeting. Whether he meant for there to be racial overtones or not, you know that’s how everyone is going to take it.


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