Liberals Are Targeting Senate Seat in 2018. A Democrat One.

This is hilarious. Down by two seats already, the liberals who want to defeat Donald Trump and his administration are beginning to target Senate seats for 2018. The problem? It’s one of their own.


Why oh why do they want to take out a Democrat in 2018? Well, as it turns out, he BETRAYED THE CAUSE by voting to confirm Jeff Sessions. And they are not happy.

Some are accusing him of doing it to help protect his daughter, who is in a bit of trouble right now.

And, you know what? I encourage them to primary the hell out of Joe Manchin. I say we support the Democrats in this endeavor, because this is truly an important cause for them AND us. They need a bitter, divisive primary in a state that went with Trump by more than 40 points over Clinton in 2016.

Godspeed, you wonderful people.


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