Breitbart's Stunningly Deceptive Headlines Show Lack of Regard for Truth

One of the big focal points of Breitbart in the past was its watchdog-level attention to what the Media said and did. Frequently, these were pointed out in posts detailing the Media’s dishonesty when it came to both stories and their headlines.


In the interest now of being fully-committed to its role as propaganda arm of the Trump Administration, a curious headline went up about Lindsey Graham. It read “Graham: ‘You’re Not A Republican And You’re Not A Patriot’ If You’re Celebrating Trump Victory.”

The articles story is the same story we covered earlier today: “Sen Lindsey Graham: If You’re Cheering Russia, You’re Not a Patriot.” Joe Perticone of the Independent Journal pointed out the deception on Twitter.

You can disagree with Lindsey Graham all you want. I’ve found plenty of reason to disagree with him over the years (though I must say, he and I appear to be on the same side as of late). However, I don’t see any reason to lie about what he was talking about.


Nor, frankly, do I see any reason why the folks over at Breitbart would equate Russia’s involvement with Trump’s victory when that’s precisely the opposite thing that Trump would even want portrayed. What’s more, I definitely don’t see why what Graham said was bad, which is the message Breitbart’s headline gives.

The folks over there should know better. But, when you weaponize a website for the purpose of supporting one candidate/politician and put everything else as a distant second to that, you risk making these frankly dumb decisions.


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