VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Might Run for Mayor of New York

What in the world is going on in New York? We’ve gotten reports that the Clintons want to run Chelsea for Congress, that Hillary is moping about and drinking wine all the time, that she was done with politics herself, and that Bill is being blamed for the presidential loss even though he was 100% correct about how to win.


Perhaps you thought she wasn’t going to make any immediate political plans regardless. I did! Turns out, though, that may not be the case. ABC News is reporting that Clinton may try to run for Mayor of New York City… against Bill de Blasio.

According to a report from GMA this morning, there are rumors the Clinton circle is pushing her to run, and the GMA team is saying the Clinton circle isn’t denying the claim – they’re staying silent on the matter.

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De Blasio, as GMA points out, was the campaign manager for Hillary’s first Senate run. He was a big supporter of Clinton in the election. After a huge, embarrassing loss in the 2016 presidential election, however, does she really want to put herself through a tough Democratic Primary challenge?

…Maybe so. de Blasio isn’t exactly the most popular guy in New York right now. According to a Quinnipiac poll, as reported by the New York Post, 49 percent of New Yorkers want to kick him out after this term. He has a 47 percent approval rating, however, so it’s really up in the air whether he could win or lose a general election.


However, Clinton could very well get a sympathy vote that jettisons her through a Democratic Primary and back into a political office AND the national spotlight (just like we all want, right?!).

It’s a strange story, and I am not entirely sure I buy it… but, boy oh boy, do I hope the Democrats keep hurting their bench.


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