Tech CEO Jobless After Death Threats Against Trump Go Viral

Matt Harrigan is the CEO of PacketSled, a San Diego-based tech firm. He recently took to social media express his displeasure about Donald Trump’s election. And, by “expressed his displeasure,” I mean he threatened to kill him.


“I’m going to kill the president. Elect,” Harrigan wrote in one post. “Bring it secret service.”

The cybersecurity company said in a statement Tuesday that it accepted Harrigan’s resignation, “effective immediately.”

“We want to be very clear, PacketSled does not condone the comments made by Mr. Harrigan, which do not reflect the views or opinions of the company, its employees, investors or partners,” the statement read.

The Left’s freak out over Trump continues, and yeah, there are real-world consequences to saying things like this. You can disagree with Trump being elected without being really stupid about it. And, yes, threatening to kill the President-Elect of the United States of America is really, really, really stupid.


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