Nobody Should Be Taking Lessons in Moral Guidance from Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, Mike Huckabee, who has been in support of Donald Trump since he quit his own presidential campaign early in the primary, chose to lecture GOP Senators set to lose their seats on just why they would lose their seats in this election. His logic is, of course, hilariously screwed up.

Now, I for one find Mike Huckabee lecturing anyone on anything to be nothing short of ridiculous, but the idea that he would attack “wimps and wusses” is amazing to me because of what happened from January 4, 2009, to May 1, 2015.

You see, back in early 2012, Rush Limbaugh got in a bit of trouble for making a now-infamous comment about Sandra Fluke. People were outraged and advertisers were leaving not only his show, but stations that ran his show. This was the perfect opportunity for Mike Huckabee, who needed to remain in the news as long as possible as he continued to build up a base for another presidential run. Now, The Huckabee Report was already a thing, but it was syndicated and put into larger circulation. It ran in the same time slot as Limbaugh’s show. It preached “reasonable” conservatism. Meaning, it would be more level-headed than that outrageous dude on the so-called “Excellence in Broadcasting” network.

The ratings were an absolute flop. By July, things didn’t look too good for the show. It went on to barely compete in most major markets. Huckabee was getting nowhere fast. Luckily, the next presidential election was looming, and he had his out.

See, the “wimps and wusses” who fled Limbaugh’s show were given a home by Huckabee, the self-styled “reasonable” conservative. Fast foward to this general election cycle, and we see that someone who is far more outrageous than Limbaugh ever could be is running for president, and people don’t like him. Those people, to Huckabee, many of them the same moderate Republicans who found what Limbaugh said distasteful, are “wimps and wusses.”

They don’t have a home with Huckabee anymore.

Huckabee is one of many who has sold out his principles to an orange calf. For a man who preached sensibility in conservatism, he is supporting a man who is anything but sensible or conservative. If you take your moral guidance from Huckabee, you are taking moral guidance from a man who has none to give.

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