VIDEO: Donald Trump Succeeds in Making Hillary Clinton Likable

VIDEO: Donald Trump Succeeds in Making Hillary Clinton Likable

At the Al Smith Dinner in New York, the night is supposed to be filled with humor, especially of the self-deprecating kind. It’s the kind of thing that can really make a candidate seem like a normal human, and is a fine break from the overbearing nature of the presidential election. However, no one seems to have told Donald Trump this. He gave a political speech attacking Hillary Clinton, and was booed, jeered, and told to get off the stage.

Congratulations are in order here, ladies and gentlemen. Donald Trump has done the impossible. He has made HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON the most likable major party candidate in this race. It is truly a feat to be memorialized in some way.

My favorite part of the video clip is this not too far in. The camera cuts away to Clinton, who is just reveling in how lucky she is right at that moment in time. Just look at her grinning like she’s already won this thing (note: she has):


Her happiness is understandable. I’d be standing up and applauding him if I were in her shoes. He has done her yet another favor.

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