Why Would A Reporter Lie About Trump's Campaign Deleting His Tweets?

During the debate, Hillary Clinton reminded America that Donald Trump at one time called global warming a Chinese conspiracy to hurt the U.S. economy. Donald Trump immediately denied it. They went back and forth about it very briefly.


Here’s the fascinating thing: There’s a screenshot currently going around via a NPR and Esquire reporter’s tweet, and it suggested that the Trump team is currently scrubbing his Twitter account. About five minutes of being up on Twitter, the retweet count was in the thousands. Several thousands.

Just one problem. This reporter’s tweet doesn’t seem to be accurate. Considering the tweet is still up there.

Why… why would you tweet this out? What is the point of posting a lie like that? You’re just giving people more fodder to support him over literally anything the media would say ever. You’re hurting your own cause. This is absolutely terrible.


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