Here's Why You Don't Vote For Democrats to Punish Republicans

There is a lot of talk about voting for Hillary Clinton as a protest against Donald Trump’s nomination. It’s a very risky act, given that Trump, while guaranteed to be awful, is still largely an unknown quantity when it comes to how he’d perform. Clinton, meanwhile, is a known quantity. We know for a fact that she will be absolutely awful when it comes to “leading” the country (read: doing irreparable damage to it).


If you want a good example of what happens when you elect a Democrat to punish Republicans, take a look at Louisiana. Last year, we elected John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, because the majority of the voters who turned out for election day were tired of David Vitter running for office when he had a prostitute scandal in his past, and it kept getting brought up every time. Note that Louisiana is not a blue state, either. However, many Republicans turned out for Edwards simply because of Vitter’s past.

Edwards immediately dove headfirst into trying to screw the state up. He forced through a $2 billion tax increase while at the same time lamenting that there wasn’t enough money to save a state scholarship program. He gutted the state’s public education voucher program. There is a stench of corruption already wafting across the state. And now, he’s trying to destroy the oil and gas industry in the state.

Which means, he’s trying to drive out the biggest economic force the state has.

Governor John Bel Edwards is trying to pressure local and parish governments to sue the oil and gas industry. If they don’t sue, the state will sue and he will hire private attorneys who raised money for him to carry out those lawsuits.

In an interview with WWL-TV, he claims that he tried to arrange a settlement with the oil and gas industry but they said. Now he’s going to sue to recover money to rebuild Louisiana’s coastline.


The purpose of the lawsuit is to make John Bel’s buddies rich and to destroy the oil and gas industry. If the state imposes new draconian fees in order to do business in Louisiana, the oil and gas companies will simply move their service operations to Texas and Mississippi. The effect on Louisiana’s economy will be devastating.


It’s a direct attack on the oil and gas industry, which is impressive in its boldness as well as its stupidity. It’s exactly the kind of thing we can expect of Democrats when they believe they have received a mandate to run something. And it’s the kind of thing we can expect from Hillary Clinton’s administration should she get into power.

The best part is that we know the Republicans in Congress will cave because they always cave. Then, they’ll raise money promising to oppose the very things they allowed to happen.

I’m not saying go out and vote Trump in November. Hell, I’m not even doing that. But I am saying that it is an incredibly insane idea to go out and vote for Clinton simply because you despise Trump. There are other choices, or you can skip that item on the ballot (likely what I’m doing). All I’m saying is don’t assist the country in committing suicide when you don’t have to.



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