What's Worse Than Hillary Using Old BlackBerries While Secretary of State?

Are you sure you want this answer? Are you positive this is something you want to deal with? With everything that 2016 has presented to us, can you take one more dumb thing?


Hillary Clinton bought the old, out of date BlackBerries she used while Secretary of State off eBay.

Hillary Clinton purchased some of the BlackBerries she used as secretary of state on eBay, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz said on Wednesday.

“That’s what she liked, so she did it. It creates this huge vulnerability. And it’s unnecessary,” Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said during a forum hosted by the American Enterprise Institute.

Mother of God.

When Clinton first took office, she requested a government BlackBerry similar to one that the National Security Agency built for President Obama. But when the request was rejected, she continued using a private device that was hooked up to her private email server.

The State Department made other offers to provide Clinton with agency-issued hardware later in her tenure, but was rebuffed.

Mother of God.


Hillary Clinton appears to have gone out of her way to make her technology use while in office as unsecured as possible, almost as if daring the enemies of America to come at her (bro?). The State Department clearly knew this was a bad idea, and told her, and offered her suggestions on how to not implement this terrible idea. And her response was “Ha ha ha. I’m Hillary Clinton.” And then she went to eBay.

Did you sell an old BlackBerry on eBay during the Hillary Clinton years as Secretary of State? You might have inadvertently given her the opportunity to mishandle classified information. Luckily, you won’t be in trouble, but that’s an awesome story to tell.


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