REJOICE: College Football Returns Tonight (OPEN THREAD)

My friends, 2016 has been terrible. This is objective fact. From the presidential election to the deaths of great celebrities like Gene Wilder, this year has been the absolute worst. However, not all is lost, my friends, because I have tremendous news: college football has returned, and it is good.


ESPN will be showing the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Vanderbilt Commodores starting at 8/7 CT, and that for many of us will begin the greatest time of the year: football season.

Here are the other games that will be worth watching:

  • Tulane at Wake Forest
  • Charlotte at Louisville
  • Appalachian State at Tennessee
  • Oregon State at Minnesota
  • William & Mary at NC State
  • Southern Utah at Utah

Who are you rooting for? Any games this week you’re interested in watching? This is an open thread.


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