Sarah Palin's Plan to Take on Paul Ryan Will Just Scam More People

In her battle to remain relevant in the modern era, Sarah Palin has decided to target Paul Ryan’s re-election bid for Congress. Declaring that she will “Cantor” Ryan, Palin announced that she will fund people who wish to primary Ryan this Fall.


And so, Palin will send out letters and e-mails asking for money to help support these supposedly noble heroes set to take on the Establishment. There’s just one problem – Ryan is enjoying huge amounts of support in his district, as well as generally good support nationwide.

Palin’s subsequent vow to “do whatever I can for Paul Nehlen” has compounded speculation that Ryan might face the most competitive race for a sitting House speaker since Rep. Tom Foley (D-Wash.) succumbed in the 1994 Republican wave. Before Foley’s loss, 1862 was the last time an incumbent speaker lost a re-election campaign.

But there’s significant evidence that Ryan is not about to be ousted from the right, despite the volatile anti-establishment environment and Nehlen’s support from one national tea party group.




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