Arkansas Democrat Features Trump's Anti-Woman Remarks In New Senate Ad

It’s the worst (but entirely predictable) of our fears: Donald Trump’s views and statements on women are being used not just presidential ads, but now Senate race ads. Look no further than this devastating ad released by Arkansas Democrat Connor Eldridge.


It’s no taking words out of context. It’s not inferring things from what Donald Trump has said. It is explicitly using his words to hurt him, but any Republicans tied to him. The ad uses a quote from John Boozman, the incumbent in that seat:

I’ll support the candidate regardless of who we pick… whether Donald Trump… it certainly would be a lot better presidency.

This is exactly the type of thing Democrats across the country are going to do to all Republicans on the ballot this year – if there is even the remote chance you may have said somewhere you’d support the candidate, then you’re going to receive the exact same type of treatment as Boozman.

And, here’s the thing: That ad works. It will play well in Arkansas. It doesn’t rely on the candidate talking about himself. It hits the opponent for one quote, and one that makes all the difference. What Boozman says in that ad, surrounded by all the terrible things Donald Trump has said about women over the years, is that he would support Donald Trump if he was the nominee.


Women are on the fence about Hillary. But these statements will force them to her in droves if it’s her versus Donald Trump in November. What’s more, people will vote down ticket for the Democrats in the other races because Trump will have tainted the Republican brand so badly.


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