FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Fails To Get Beat Up Properly (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is sure touting a whole lot of success, and his supporters would love for us to forget his numerous failures in his time as a businessman/con artist. His failures are so great that they span across spectrum of sellable goods. Steaks. Vodka. A university. A board game.


And getting his ass kicked.

Donald Trump takes a Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin during a brief stint in the WWE. If you don’t know the story, the basic idea is that Trump was feuding with Vince McMahon, the company’s owner, and it culminated in a bet wherein the loser would have to shave his head. McMahon lost. That’s not what’s important though. Watch Donald Trump just fall down like a sloppy drunk.

The move works like this: You get kicked in the stomach, you bend over, and you are brought down to your knees in a move that looks as though it’s meant to stun you. You bounce back and fall down. That’s how you sell it. Being an awful salesman, Trump couldn’t sell the move, so he just crumpled. He couldn’t even properly take the kick to the gut.

Donald Trump is terrible. Why are we doing this to ourselves?


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