Kasich: Ted Cruz is "Senator Smear"

Image by Marc Nozell, https://goo.gl/3Eu4aS, via Flickr Creative Commons

John Kasich is only in this race in order to be a power broker in Cleveland. This is painfully obvious at this point. He is mathematically eliminated from getting anywhere near the 1,237 delegates needed, yet he is still here. Saying words.


Kasich, whose pride and ego refuse to allow him to leave a race he never had any chance of winning, called Ted Cruz “Senator Smear” on CNN in an interview with Anderson Cooper. Kasich’s whiny rant on who Ted Cruz has “smeared” reveals for those who haven’t already noticed just how terrible a candidate (and person!) John Kasich really is.

“He smeared Ben Carson, he smeared Marco Rubio, he smeared Donald, and now he’s smearing me,” Kasich complained to Cooper. “Even the Wall Street Journal pointed out he smeared me in an editorial last week.”

He did end his little rant by threatening Cruz to not mess with him. And praise of Teddy Roosevelt. So there’s that. The “Senator Smear” thing is obviously something Team Kasich developed in order to try to stop Cruz (which they are doing badly). Behold this tweet from Kasich stooge John Weaver:

I’m sorry, Governor Kasich, but you’ve lost all right to complain about being smeared the moment you entered politics. You can’t whine now that someone called you out on something that appeared shady, and you certainly don’t gain any sympathy from voters when you cry on CNN about someone pointing something out about you. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.


Donald Trump is a threat to conservatism. But John Kasich is doing his best to try and be involved in that, too. He’s just so terrible at everything that he can’t even screw something up properly.


EDIT: Apparently, he didn’t just do this on CNN. Special thanks to Jason Hart (follow him on Twitter) for forwarding this along:


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