VIDEO: This Is The Single Greatest Recap Of The Iowa Caucus

Everyone has been scrambling since Monday night to bring to you their interpretation of the Iowa caucus. We’ve had plenty of breakdown here at RedState, and we will continue to have it, but no one – not a single person or group – has broken down the Iowa caucus like the group behind this video (Warning: Animated Violence).


Cable news should use 3D animated violence, Hunger Games references, and sword fights so I could start watching it again. The YouTube channel behind this video apparently does Taiwanese 3D animation to explain the news, which, yes, is exactly what Vox should have done in the first place and I wouldn’t care that Matt Yglesias is still somehow employed.

If the American media were this smart, then we might not be in a situation that could leave us with a (not undeserved) general election featuring Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders.


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