Bernie Sanders flips on Hillary's E-mail Scandal

Bernie Sanders famously shrugged away the idea that Hillary Clinton’s e-mail issues were, in fact, issues at all. It was just another Republican witch hunt to distract from the REAL issues like universal health care and campaign finance reform. However, now that the latest revelations that 22 e-mails in 7 e-mail chains contained top secret information, Sanders has decided to flip on the issue and call it “very serious” in an interview with Jake Tapper.


Sanders: I think it’s a very serious issue. I think there is a legal process right now taking place, and what I have said – you know, and people criticize, you know, “Bernie, why don’t you attack Hillary Clinton?” – there is a legal process taking place. I do not want to politicize that issue. That is not my style.

He does not want to politicize the issue, but it is a very serious issue. It’s really serious now that the latest polling shows he is still behind Hillary by roughly three points.

Could it be that Bernie himself is feeling the bern?


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