The New York Daily News a little sore over Cruz's comments

The New York Daily News is a bit upset with Ted Cruz over what he called “New York values.” They are not amused that their politics, which are largely abyssmal by the conservative standards that Cruz was measuring them against, are not good enough for Cruz. The stereotype of the tough, don’t-mess-with-me New York denizen falters in the face of such whining.


They are so butthurt that they gave Cruz free press with this cover…

drop dead ted


…and this delightful write-up by the Mike Lupica.

This is what Ted Cruz, who wasn’t just born out of town but out of the country, said about Donald Trump the other day:

“Donald comes from New York and he embodies New York values.” And made it sound as if this was some variation of insulting Trump about his hair.

Later Cruz kept digging, telling Megyn Kelly of “Fox News” that New York values weren’t Iowa values or New Hampshire values, as if he is suddenly as big an expert on values as he says he is on the Constitution. Finally on Thursday night he brought his cockeyed theories about the city to the Republican debate in South Carolina.

Sorry, NYDN, but a city that elects a Communist sympathizer, is largely pro-abortion, votes largely Democratic, and holds vastly liberal values is exactly the type of city we don’t want to produce the next president of the United States, barring an anomaly*.

This is a wonderful example, too, of the media playing favorites with Donald Trump. Trump is not only seen by the media as the best case scenario to keep the Republicans out of the White House, but he is also of them – being an East Coast liberal type (despite whatever he says), Trump is naturally going to appeal more to the media, who views anything that isn’t of the East Coast or California as being unimportant in the grand scheme of things.



*Mr. Trump is, indeed, correct that William F. Buckley was born in New York, and is one such anomoly. However, Buckley had the common sense to actually be a conservative and hold conservative values while Trump plays one on TV.


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