The Establishment Revolution

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Last night, after Nikki Haley’s response to the existence of Donald Trump (and Barack Obama’s speech, too), the most remarkable thing happened. People started calling Nikki Haley – yes, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley – a member of the “Establishment,” the shadow organization of Republican operatives who work to stifle the conservative movement. Think about that. Nikki Haley. Establishment.



In the Donald Trump Era of Republican presidential politics, the term “Establishment” has become overused to the point of near-uselessness. Yes, there is a very real Establishment, and yes, it is no friend to conservatives, but when you have labeled Nikki Haley as a member of that group, your sense of direction is a bit off.

Back during the French Revolution, the masses rose in revolt to the powers in charge, and began beheading everyone with wealth. The people were happy to eliminate anyone who stood against them… until their paranoia reached such heights that they began turning on each other. The leaders of the Revolution themselves fell to the guillotine, even Robespierre. What was left of France was nothing like what anyone imagined.

What is the “Establishment,” at this point? Are those of us here at RedState, who routinely call out the Republicans in Washington D.C., considered “Establishment” if we oppose the Donald Trump? Is Marco Rubio “Establishment” because of a single stance? Is Ted Cruz “establishment” when the inevitable (and already occurring) attacks on Donald Trump come from his camp?


Where is the line with this word? Who is and who isn’t an Establishment hack? Please let me know if I am one, so I can put #JeSuisEstablishment in my bio.


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