Hillary Clinton SURPRISED That Someone At State Would Use Their Personal E-mail Account

Christmas may have been two weeks ago, but for some, Santa is still delivering gifts. You have got to see this document freshly reviewed and made public for all of us to enjoy


Clinton Personal EmailLet us all take a moment and just enjoy this e-mail, because everything about it suggests that my karma rating is much better than I thought.

Hillary Clinton is surprised that someone would use a personal e-mail when transmitting information to the State Department if that person is working for the State Department. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. She actually says that. In an e-mail chain where they discuss some Libyan intel, Clinton asks who the information is coming from and who the person works for. This is the same Hillary Clinton that accepts and forwards Sid Blumenthal’s intel, unquestioned, and forwards it as anonymous intel to the White House.

When she questions who the person works for, the reply is “Us.” Meaning the State Department. To which she replies, “I was surprised he used personal email account if he is at state.” She sent this reply from “[email protected],” which is not a government e-mail address. It is, in fact, the personal e-mail address that she is getting so much negative for having and using during her entire tenure as Secretary of State. This e-mail shows she knows it’s AT LEAST a bit ethically dubious to do this.


There is either a certain level of disconnect from reality, perhaps to due age or head trauma, OR a level of testosterone that goes above and beyond most extreme athletes that would allow someone to type this e-mail out and not delete it.


UPDATE: There is a smoking gun on the Hillary e-mail scandal regarding sending classified information through non-secure channels. My colleague, Streiff, has the details here.


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