The Left's First Talking Point on #SanBernardino

Amid all the hot takes from the San Bernardino shooting spree on Wednesday was the very first one that really made heads turn: That praying won’t fix what happened. In fact, don’t even pray to you invisible sky man because he isn’t even there and definitely don’t look to him/her to make everything okay again.


What the Left doesn’t get about prayer is that it isn’t meant to be some magical spell that makes everything better. It isn’t some ritual that attempts to bring people back to life. It is a response to the evils of the world. It is a call for peace for the families who must suffer the loss of a life taken too soon. It is a request to protect the souls of the ones who were brutally killed.

But, to the Left, that simply is not good enough. Nope! The party that booed God at their national convention doesn’t want you to take a moment and offer your best intentions, to try to confront the reality that evil is very real and needs to be addressed on a spiritual level. The Left is all about taking this one moment and turning it into a political opportunity.

The political realities of gun control, however, are nothing compared to the fact that the Left simply does not want to concede that evil exists, because evil cannot be controlled. Guns can be controlled. Words can be controlled. Ideas can even be controlled. That is how the Left wants to make the world better. Attack things until they submit. But, evil doesn’t submit. It can only be fought against. That is the reality of the situation in San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Paris, Aurora, and every other major tragedy that claims innocent lives.


There is evil in the world, and it cannot be controlled. That simply does not fit into the grand idea of utopia that the Left has decided it will create. Ignoring that reality, that evil is out there, is why they will continue to politicize everything. They seek a way to control something they refuse to understand.


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