Hillary Clinton believes "Big Government" is defunding the slaughter of children. #DemDebate

In an interesting exchange, Hillary Clinton said that Republicans are against big government except in the case of going after Planned Parenthood. Let’s take a brief moment and break down that claim, shall we?

What are Republicans* going after Planned Parenthood for? The killing of children and the sale of their body parts. This selling of body parts is documented by the Center for Medical Progress videos on the subject, illegal, and such a PR disaster for Planned Parenthood that they announced they would no longer sell the parts as part of a new organizational policy.

How are the Republicans* going after Planned Parenthood? By going after federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides the abortions that kill children and results in the body parts being sold. This is not Big Government. Big Government is the growth of government and government spending to increase the form and function of what government does.

I realize that someone who has enjoyed the life of a notable American politician probably doesn’t get what the phrase “Big Government” entails, because they are a part of government and therefore don’t see it as big enough. Reducing the funding to a place like Planned Parenthood, which has profited in multiple ways off the murder of children, is not “Big Government.” It is sensible, moral government.


EDIT: *Yes, yes, I know. The Republicans haven’t done a damn thing to defund it in all reality.