Beer, Booze, and BS - Episode 1: GOP Street Fight

If you were to take Jay Caruso (formerly of Pocket Full of Liberty, currently at Legal Insurrection and someone you’ll be seeing around here more often), F. Bill McMorris (of the Washington Free Beacon and RedState’s own “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends”), and me, and put us in a podcast about politics, pop culture, sports… Well, what you’d get is Beer, Booze, and BS.

The first episode is now live (so go here to listen), and you can listen to us discuss which GOP candidates would win in a street fighting tournament (fill out your bracket today!), which Golden Girls character we are (I’m Dorothy), and whether or not Eli Manning is the Pete Rose of the modern era. While the three of us are political commentators, it’s fun to take some time away from the talking points and get down to what really matters: Would Trump be so successful in a street fight against the other candidates? What article of clothing absolutely makes a woman’s wardrobe complete? Does Bill like college football?

The podcast feed will be on iTunes soon, and we’ll let you know when you can subscribe. New episodes will be available every Tuesday.

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