When defense fails, threats begins

Federal authorities under a Republican administration have warned a blue state that what they intend to do regarding tax subsidization of a major oil company could be illegal. Essentially, the federal government is saying “If you go after our allies, we’ll come after you.” The oil company’s crime? Lying about permits, covering up major spills and contaminations, and having a major negative impact on society due to their practices.

However, it is well-known that this oil company is a major donor to Republican politicians, and those politicians feel an almost cultish loyalty to the company. Republicans, one after another, have made speeches on the floor of the House and Senate decrying Democrats’ attempts to remove any tax subsidies, credits, and anything else involving taxpayer money from the company’s hands.

So, when the movement to get taxpayer money out of this business fails in Congress, the states do it on a more local level. However, when this news breaks, the federal government steps in and says “This is illegal and we will come after you.” The backlash from the media is instant and it is harsh. “How DARE the federal government threaten a state?!” they cry out in unison. “This is a clear overreach by the government! The Republicans have gone too far!”

Via The Advocate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana:

The federal health agency warned Louisiana officials that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s termination of Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider may violate federal law.

But the administration countered Wednesday that it used state law that allows contracts to be canceled with 30-day notice by either party. Louisiana is not discriminating against the organization because of the services it provides, a Jindal official said.

“That gets into the choice issue,” said Olivia Watkins Hwang, spokeswoman for the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

Jindal ended the state’s nearly $300,000 contract with Planned Parenthood last week, saying the organization is not worthy of getting public assistance from the state. He cited undercover videos that allegedly depict the selling of fetal body parts at some facilities outside Louisiana.


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