Two Argentine judges have lost their minds

Try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a shorter or more clever title, mostly because I’m horrified at how the world around us is going straight into a Hell I never imagined*.


Two Argentine judges are under fire for reducing the sentence of a convicted child abuser on the grounds that his six-year-old victim was gay.

They said he ‘was making a precocious choice’ of his sexuality, apparently a reference to homosexuality. The pair argued that this meant the paedophile’s actions should not be considered ‘gravely outrageous’ in legal terms.

The judges added that the victim was used to being molested because he had suffered earlier abuse by his father and therefore had already been traumatized.

I actually did continue to read the story, but it’s pretty much the judges defending themselves throughout the whole ordeal. The ruling is apparently a year old, and one of the judges said it was leaked in an effort to discredit him… given the ruling, I’m pretty sure discrediting is okay here. Of course, this will likely fall under the “You Will Be Made To Care” files as groups who support kids declaring their sexuality at as young as three years old and groups who support adults and little kids in grown up relationships march to defend the judges’ ruling.

The kid is six years old. He is six years old. The child was nowhere close to being a consenting adult because he was six years old. At six, does a kid know what this even really means? My three year old knows she is a girl, but will often say that she is a boy and a grandmother. I don’t argue because I learned when she was two years old that arguing with a child that small only makes you aggravated and probably insane. Do I need to take my kid to pride marches? Absolutely not.


(As an aside, are their Young Grandmother Pride Marches? Asking for a friend.)

Movement is willing to go for their radical agenda. In supporting the idea that gay is something that can be identified at so young an age, do you support a pedophile getting his sentence reduced? Where is the line? Is there a line? These are questions the Movement is not getting asked, because all hail the Civil Right that isn’t.

*For those who want to reject the story because it’s in The Daily Mail, keep in mind it was reported by the Associated Press, and appears at the New York Times and ABC News



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