The Democrats and Freedom of Choice

In Louisiana, the main Democratic candidate for governor, John Bel Edwards, has decided that if you live in an “A” or “B” rated school district, you don’t need to have the ability to choose to send your child to another school. The bill he has filed for the upcoming legislative session in Louisiana, HB 21, is aimed at keeping the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in Louisiana from approving charter schools in districts in those grades. Never mind that “A” or “B” districts could still have a low-performing school. Nah, this is all about preventing competition, and therefore options, from being made available to those who have to send their children to school.

There are movements to bring home schooling families under the thumb of bureaucratic bodies. There are groups aiming to take the religious traditions out of employment requirements at Catholic schools. There are movements that want to make whatever choices are currently available so much like the schools they are choosing to leave in the first place.

And why should we have to choose, really? I mean, great and glorious government provides all. They will take care of us. They will nurture us. They will tell us what to do, what to eat, what to teach our children, and so many other, vital tasks. We can rest easy, knowing government is there to take care of things.

You don’t need an alternative to what government provides. Much like school, you don’t need private health insurance when the government is offering it to you on the cheap* and easy*. You don’t even need to choose whether or not to go out and vote, if you take the president’s ideas seriously. We’ll just make you do it. After all, that’s what the Civil Rights movement was all about. We should all be forced to do the same thing, rather than allowing freedom to be the guiding force behind our country.

The only acceptable choices the Democrats want you to have are the ones that push their agenda. You don’t really have the Freedom of Choice unless you choose to support gay LGBT issues, choose to accept climate change, or choose to abort your child, none of which is so much a choice these days as they are highly suggested for fear of mobs burning down your home or business. Yay, freedom.

So, for John Bel Edwards of Louisiana and other Democrats around the country, what you want to choose isn’t a concern. It’s what they want you to choose that is. And God help you if you make the wrong choice, because the mobs are always at the ready.



*Hint: It’s neither cheap nor easy.