Cosmopolitan Magazine makes sure Wendy Davis stays a one-issue candidate

Your first reaction may be to wonder “Who cares?” at the news that Cosmopolitan Magazine endorsed Wendy Davis for governor of Texas. However, it is absolutely hilarious that, despite Davis trying to not be a one-issue candidate, the higher-order thinking at Cosmo has effectively boxed her back into that issue which made Abortion Barbie famous/infamous:


A pro-choice governor like Davis would also make an enormous difference for Texas women. Texas is home to some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, which Davis famously filibustered and which passed despite her efforts. Now, women in the state are turning to illegal and potentially unsafe methods of abortion. Texas also slashed family planning funding, making it more difficult for women to prevent unintended pregnancies. As a result, the Texas taxpayers may be out hundreds of millions of dollars in additional Medicaid costs. The restrictions have been a financial and health care disaster for Texas, and yet Abbott continues to defend them in court. Abbott himself believes abortion should be outlawed in nearly all cases, including for rape and incest victims, and his spokesperson referred to abortion under those circumstances as “minor issues.” Davis has lived one of those issues that, because it’s fairly rare, may be characterized as “minor”: She terminated a wanted pregnancy because the fetus had severe abnormalities. Her filibuster illustrates her dedication to the rights of women to make safe, private decisions about reproduction with their families and doctors.


The endorsement weakly lists her other platform issues, but this paragraph, the largest individual section of the endorsement, is what people will once again focus on. It’s big and it is smack in the middle of the endorsement.

Cosmopolitan is an intellectual publication, providing in-depth pieces on how to please your man and is he hot or not. There are hard-hitting interviews with celebrities about their love lives and their pets. It is the type of mind-expanding material that Democrats love, so of course it will be the perfect place to endorse a candidate who has at no point gotten closer than an 8-point deficit to the Republican candidate, Greg Abbott.

Cosmo really needs to be thanked for taking an issue that is so impact to the typically right-leaning voters of Texas and firmly placing Wendy Davis against them.


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