"Woke" Democrats in California are asleep...

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Environmentally “woke” Democrats in California have made it their mission in life to oppose oil and gas development wherever and whenever it is proposed in the state, always, every time, no matter what, no exceptions.

Fine, fair enough. But, they should be asked how they square what is often their stated and restated commitment to social justice with the brutal reality that their unequivocal opposition to all domestic oil and gas production helps underwrite these brutal Middle East regimes, including and perhaps especially, Saudi Arabia.

Considering the fact that 30% of the crude oil imported into California comes from Saudi Arabia, means each and every day tens of millions of California motorists, including hundreds of thousands of members of the LGBTQ community, send hundreds of millions of dollars to a vicious, archaic, evil regime that boastfully mutilates young girls, and executes homosexuals with impunity.

Can someone, anyone, please explain to me why it is that members of the LGBTQ community in California are willfully doing this and as a result are helping to perpetuate such atrocities by a foreign power?

California Democrats, particularly State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson from Santa Barbara, and Governor Gavin Newsom, Newsom is a former Mayor of San Francisco no less, are leading the charge for unequivocal opposition to all oil and gas production in California. A state with substantial oil and gas reserves.

The disconnect between these career politicians’ supposed commitment to human rights and the real world results of their dogmatic green policies, couldn’t be more startling. Indeed, the inconsistency screams out for rebuke by voters. And yet no electoral rebuke ever comes.

And speaking of human rights, consider what is going on in Venezuela. Another global oil and gas producer and corrupt regime that has systematically pilfered its impoverished people’s oil and gas reserves for its own selfish and immoral ends. As the people of the country starve, the thugs who run the illegitimate government are literally getting fat at the people’s expense.

The United States should convene an emergency meeting of the Organization for American States (OAS) to address this monstrous behavior. First on the agenda should be seizing the oil reserves in Venezuela and putting them under the control of a multilateral group of countries, organized and lead by the United States. I know, Imperialism. Whatever.

The oil and gas produced out of Venezuela should be used to offset oil exports from Saudi Arabia to California, as part of a morally justified emergency moratorium against Saudi oil, due to its abominable human rights record.

The profits derived from those Venezuelan oil and gas sales to California should be used to economically empower Latin American countries that are struggling to create the type of economic conditions needed to prevent the ongoing mass migration into the United States.

Venezuela has the largest oil and gas reserves on the planet. Those reserves should be used for ethical and moral purposes, including the economic empowerment of the Venezuelan people, as well as to offset the inevitable negative economic impacts associated with tyranny in general and Communist policies in particular.

But the Democrats will never go for this. Their solution is never to promote more oil and gas consumption, even when it results in the economic castration of vicious regimes who violate the human rights of their own people.

So, the next time you hear a Democrat politician in California, or in any state for that matter, claim to be for gay rights, women’s rights, human rights…in other words, “social justice”, remind them that their ethically bankrupt words and their catastrophically immoral policies aren’t the least bit compatible.



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