Debunking the Remaining Myth: Biden Has Never Been a 'Decent Man'

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The last embedded myth about Joe Biden is that he’s a decent man. Like the rest of his life’s story, his “decency” is a made-up contrivance.  

Biden has a habit of abusing the dead to his own end. Biden’s first wife Neilia and infant daughter died in a car crash. Neilia Biden was holding their daughter while driving. The accident was entirely her fault. She had a stop sign that she either blew through or didn’t check left and right before proceeding. The Biden car was broadsided by a truck driven by Curtis Dunn. It didn’t take long for Joe to blame Dunn, who was immediately determined to be blameless.  


But Joe has never needed facts or evidence to back up his myths. Joe is infamous for puffing his résumé and his life’s history. Without a shred of evidence, Joe claimed Dunn was drunk when Neilia drove into Dunn’s right-of-way.  

“To the loved ones of the victims, there is nothing really we can say to erase this tragedy. And, those of you who think it's presumptuous of me to say that ... in a different circumstance, I got one of those phone calls ... I got a phone call saying, "Your wife's dead; your daughter's dead." And I've only said that three times in public before. But, I say it here because it's so important for you to understand. I got one of those phone calls. It was an errant driver who stopped to drink instead of drive and hit a tractor-trailer, hit my children and my wife and killed them.  

Whenever he thought blaming a blameless man would advance his credibility, he would repeat that lie. “Dead men tell no tales,” and for Biden, it became a convenient lie because the only people who could correct that myth were dead. (Dunn passed away in 1999.) 

His eldest son, Beau, died of brain cancer. Tragic, yes. Did he die as a result of military service? No. Biden has repeated that lie ad nauseam, and cravenly in front of troops in uniform.  

“Just imagine, I mean it sincerely, I say this as a father of a man who won the Bronze Star, the conspicuous service medal, and lost his life in Iraq. Imagine the courage, the daring, and the genuine sacrifice they all made.”


Beau was a JAG stationed in Iraq. Beau spent his time reading after-action reports and writing reports in his air-conditioned office. He wasn’t infantry, but you would never know that when you listen to Joe Biden talk. His desk wasn’t next to the Camp Victory burn pit. His Bronze Star was handed to him because he was Joe Biden’s son. 

William McGurn, a speechwriter for Bush 43, penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal castigating Biden for his constant misuse of Beau's service. “Mr. Biden is not a Gold Star father and should stop playing one on TV.” Yet Biden has used and abused his dead son as a prop whenever he can. I suspect that Beau would be embarrassed to be used as a prop for Joe’s fables.  

Biden is the original Borker. When Reagan nominated Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, Biden was the chair of the Judicial Committee. Bork was far and away the most qualified person to be nominated to the Supreme Court, yet Biden treated Bork with abject cruelty. Biden smiled after each comment, but Biden's toothy smile was like a serial killer’s about to plunge the knife in. Even the Washington Post found his methods repugnant.  

While claiming that Judge Bork will have a full and fair hearing, Senator Joseph Biden this week has pledged to civil rights groups that he will lead the opposition to the confirmation. As the Queen of Hearts said to Alice, “Sentence first—Verdict Afterward.”

Biden's phoniness was just warming up. Everything about Biden was phony from his smile to his hairplugged head. Biden used his assassination of Bork’s character to propel himself into a run for president. It was with his run for the presidency that Biden’s myth-weaving went into overdrive.  


He claimed he went to law school on “a full academic scholarship.” No, he didn’t. He claimed he had three degrees from college. No, he didn’t. He claimed he was in the “top half” of his law school class. No, he wasn’t — in fact, he was in the bottom third.  

Biden also pilfered part of Neil Kinnock’s life story by stealing one of his speeches, almost word for word.  

Back in the 1980s, there seemed to be journalists willing to point out his résumé lies. Biden dropped out of the run for the presidency. But he didn’t own up to his lies – he just admitted to unintentional errors and slinked back to the Senate. 

We've since learned that Biden attended Black churches growing up, was raised by Puerto Ricans, was arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela, and was arrested for protesting for civil rights. His house nearly burned down. He’s claimed he taught Con Law and drove a semi-truck. He’s claimed that he was a football star and hit a line drive 368 feet off the center field wall during the second Congressional Baseball Game. None of those things actually happened.

Four years ago, my buddy Sister Todjah wrote about this remaining myth — the myth of his "decency." People like Maria Shriver swooned over Biden and his "decency" myth. No surprise, considering that Shriver grew up in a family of Camelot myth-weavers. 

Although Biden’s press secretary and chief gaslighter might now claim that the dozens of videos showing Biden grabbing young girls and sniffing hair are all “cheap fakes,” we have all seen Biden doing those things — touching women and women recoiling. Women have credibly accused Biden of sexual harassment. Biden’s own daughter wrote about “daddy” showering with her. 


Biden has insulted constituents who have questioned him. He claimed to be a uniter, then stood in front of cameras at Independence Hall bathed in blood-red lighting and delivered a hateful rant insulting half the country.  

Until he was shamed into admitting to the existence of his seventh grandchild, a little girl named Navy, she didn’t exist for "decent man" Joe Biden. No Christmas stocking for Navy.  

Biden has a well-earned reputation as a nitwit. He was the only person in the room to object to the Bin Laden raid. His boss, Barack, famously said we shouldn't underestimate Joe's ability to “f*** things up."  

Biden’s celebrity chums now admit that Biden is a cognitive mess, a wreck of epic proportions, but at his core, they claim, Joe's a “decent man.”   

No, he is not a decent man. He’s never been a decent man. Before Joe Biden drifted into complete incoherence, he was a nasty, vindictive "Queen of Hearts" who fell upwards his entire career. And he’s lied all the way while doing it. He’s abused the truth like a wife-beating drunk beats his mate. He’s always been a miserable human being, but now he’s a cognitive mess who can’t be prosecuted because he’s a befuddled old coot.  


Sorry, not sorry, libs. Joe Biden has never been a decent man.   



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