Head-Scratcher: Suburban Milwaukee Dem Yells 'F*** the Suburbs' in State Senate Debate on Crime

Wisconsin State Sen. La Tonya Johnson (D-Milwaukee) speaks on June 29, 2023. CREDIT: Screenshot

In April when two agitators disguised as legislators stormed into the well of the Tennessee Assembly, they were rightfully admonished and then expelled for breaking the rules of procedure, decorum, and plain decency. Their supposed protest wasn’t about the gun control they claimed to be championing, but rather, it was about them. Justin Pearson and Justin Jones were quickly reinstated by Democrat local officials, and they promptly went on a look-at-us tour, appearing on TV shows and then finally for photo-ops with Democrat Members of Congress and at the White House with President CPAP. What did it lead to? A whole lot of nothing. Congressman Steve Cohen called for Merrick Garland to investigate. Investigate what? No one knows except the furtive mind of Steve Cohen. Pearson and Jones are both back doing what they did before fame swept over them, with nothing of substance and a lot of noise.


Barely two months later and 630 miles to the north, Wisconsin has its own agitators. Leading the pack is a potty-mouth named LaTonya Johnson. Ms. Johnson is a Senator in Wisconsin, representing the 6th District. That district is mostly Wisconsin’s biggest city and largest center of crime and gun violence – Milwaukee. She was previously a state representative but was elected to the August body in 2017. During a debate about crime, Ms. Johnson turned on her eloquence and said:

F*** the suburbs, because they don’t know a God damn thing about what life is, in the city.

Well, alrighty then. From her fevered report, I bet you would have bet the house that Ms. Johnson grew up on the gritty side of Milwaukee. Maybe she lived across the alley from Bad, bad LeRoy Brown, the badest man in the whole damn town. Well, not exactly.

Ms. Johnson isn’t a native of Milwaukee. She’s not a native of Wisconsin either. She grew up in a tiny town in Tennessee called Lagrange. Lagrange is so small I am not certain that you can call it a town. It has a population of 123 and is close to nowhere (no offense). It doesn’t appear to be very gritty in Legrange. Maybe behind the general store on Third Street?  After leaving her hometown, Ms. Johnson attended Tennessee State University and holds a B.S. in criminal justice. She then moved to Wisconsin, where she opened up a business called Anointed Child Care Services Being an in-home daycare provider, Ms. Johnson apparently ran her business out of her home.


Her home-based business is smack in the middle of (what appears to be) a lovely, tree-lined G-D suburb. Ms. Johnson’s home is hers. She owns it, and it looks like a nice suburban getaway – 2,879 square feet with 3 bedrooms. Her suburban home is nestled apparently far away from the mean streets of downtown Milwaukee. To be fair to Senator Johnson, her home isn’t in the hide-away country where she grew up, but you’d have to drive from her suburban home to the bad, bad part of town.

But for debate purposes on the floor of the Senate, F*** the suburbs!  The people who live there don’t know a “God Damn thing.”

Someone on Twitter suspected the irony I found:


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