Biological Man Wearing Red Lipstick Is the Star of Hershey's New Ad for 'Women's Month'

Biological male reps chocolate for Hershey's during women’s month (Credit: Twitter/LeftismForU)
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Hershey’s Chocolate has launched a new ad to kick off March. It features a human with long hair, lipstick, and a pronounced Adam’s apple, declaring in a soprano voice that:


People can live in public as their honest and authentic self.

Let’s celebrate Women’s Month, with rude dudes! Wanna candy called “HerShe”? The candy bar has a biological dude’s face on the wrapper. Hershey’s has decided that celebrating Women’s Month with a biological dude is a great idea.

Authenticity wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but I might be alone. I can tell you, that I never liked nuts on my chocolate – so, this is a flat no from me. In other words, good folks at Hershey’s, I’m not BOYcotting the product. I’m just going to actively avoid buying your nutty, chocolate virtue-pandering.

Thanks for the heads-up, dudes.

In other misogyny news. Sen. Dick Durbin, a dude disguised as someone who’s “pro-women,” was busy, again, making a fool of himself. I know it’s a day ending in “Y.”

Durbin is the Senate’s Judiciary chair and is dumb as a bag of rocks. He has a habit of insulting women he disagrees with. A few days ago while all Senators gave speeches about the dead-as-a-doorknob ERA Amendment, a woman making a completely valid point was insulted by Durbin. He did so by burnishing his equity cred, blathering about the greater good. The exchange went like this:


“Now we hear what’s at stake here is not a constitutional right for women but the fate of field hockey, I, I, am trying to keep up with the arguments here.”

“It might not mean a lot to you Senator, but it means a lot to the girls who play.”

“See, see, I believe you have a, a, sincere belief to… that, girls would feel strongly about the issue if they were field hockey players…”

“Particularly when they are displaced by males on the varsity team”

“But you see, that’s what the argument comes down to – the fate of field hockey, and I think it is much more fundamental – we are talking about the role of women in the United States of America…”

Durbin gave a condescending headshake when mentioning women’s field hockey during his “I don’t care about your daughter” lecture. He doesn’t care about the impact of women as individuals; he cares about claiming savior status for, I guess, ALL women? White Knighting for “ALL” women, while you run over women is like killing women in the womb cause… “women’s rights”!

It boggles the mind how people on the left cannot see that damaging one actual woman, who is replaced by one actual biological man, isn’t aiding women; it’s marginalizing real women and in some instances, ruining a dream.


When a biological man took a spot on the Princeton swim team, it robbed a real woman of that spot. When that biological man swam against women, that bio-man took the spot away from a woman. Durbin cannot see real women being displaced by men as a bad thing. Instead, discrimination against women, sanctioned by schools, the government, and the left, is in general a good thing. Who cares about one girl whose dreams are shattered? Right…Dick?


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