Saturday Cartoon: One More Kill and Biden Is an Ace

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

(Credit: Jim Thompson/RedState)

For now, America is safe. Joe Biden (call sign: Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier) will sweep the skies of America and Canada and he’ll shoot down whatever is floating. Joe admitted that NORAD didn’t know what they shot down over Alaska. It could have been Carl, Doug, and Russell. It could have been a 5-cent Ralph’s Grocery Bag, a Hefty garbage bag, a guy tied to a chair under party balloons, a used car dealership balloon man, or a $12 hobby balloon. Whatever it was we are no longer at DEFCOM 1.


For now.

Who knows? No one knows – and that is kinda the point. To cover up his incompetence of allowing a ChiCom spy platform to vacation across the entire continental U.S., Joey Mumbles is shooting down everything, including $12 hobby balloons.

One more and Joe will be an ace, like Beau. I’m not kidding man. God’s truth. You didn’t know Beau was a fighter pilot?


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