English Soccer Legend Hates 'Extraordinarily Racist' America. So 'Bloody' Stay Home, Wanker

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Soccer ain’t football, wanker.

If you thought Colin Kaepernick was unique you’d be wrong.Sure, Kaepernick is unique in his stupidity and exceptional grift but there are many like him in relation to being historically illiterate. Kaepernick has gotten handsomely rich with his ability to wring millions out of sponsors and people who believe his race-baiting, racist nonsense. Kaepernick is unique as an American (former) athlete spewing fact-free feckless nonsense about America being a “racist country”. He has a comrade across the pond.


There’s a Brit who, apparently, makes a complete fool of himself on a regular basis, cranking out stupid comments about social issues and frequently directing his ire at American “racism.”  His name is Gary Lineker. He’s in Qatar now, covering the World Cup for the BBC. Lineker (apparently) is an English soccer legend. He’s the Pele of English soccer – except he’s a fool and Pele would be embarrassed to be compared to Lineker. Lineker has his defenders. Of course, he does.

I asked my son about Lineker. “Yeah, he’s a clown, always has been.” I watched and read comments about him. The broad consensus was: “Yeah, he’s an idiot.” With that predicate, let’s move on to what Lineker said.

So lots of people were killed doing the stadiums. Yes, the stadiums are extraordinary, but at great price. Homophobia is an issue here, and women’s rights are a bit of an issue here.”

“For me, it was always really more about the corruption side of it because, as I said previously, think pretty much every country including [England] has got issues. And we’re off to America in four years’ time with Canada and Mexico, but obviously, America’s an extraordinarily racist country.”


To the credit of other Brits, they blasted Linaker for being a complete idiot.

Lineker telling the world that the slave-built stadiums are “extraordinary” but at great price is like saying Hitler killed millions of Jews, but heck, he kept the trains running.

And, women’s rights are a “bit of an issue” in Qatar. In Qatar, women need permission to marry (and become one of four wives) and they need the permission of a male guardian to do practically anything, but it’s just a “bit” of an issue for Linaker.

England has “got issues.” Yeah. Oh, ok Gary. Lineker has frequently discussed how he was mistaken for being black and being abused… in England.

Linaker has established his gravitas as a complete idiot but wait, he’s not done! America is “obviously”… “an extraordinarily racist country.” Great Britain colonized the world and until 1947, “owned” India and its people. In contrast, America elected Barack Obama, twice. Notwithstanding the claim of England’s version of Kaepernick, the systemic “extraordinary” racism of America is a myth perpetuated for profit by grifters.

The standard of living for blacks in America is the highest in the world. Canada? It’s not close. And Mexico? I’ve detailed how hard it is to migrate to Mexico and Mexican racism is rampant.


My suggestion? Gary Lineker should stay in England when the “extraordinarily racist” country of America hosts the World Cup in four years. Certainly, he should stay clear of Canada.

Stay home, Gary. We have plenty of American haters in our country. We don’t need to import one more.

When a Republican is President in four years, maybe Gary Lineker’s travel visa should be denied. I don’t know – just a thought.


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