Hump Day Cartoon: Yay! The Slave Labor World Cup Starts in Four Days.

(AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko, File)

There is zero doubt that Qatar was awarded the World Cup out of corruption and bribes. 12 years ago Qatar, a tiny wisp of desolate desert that 99 percent of Americans couldn’t locate on a map, and with summer temperatures that top 115 degrees, was awarded the 2022 World Cup over the United States. It had no venues in 2010 so it brought in “workers” to build them. Once those workers entered the desert kingdom, they had their passports confiscated and couldn’t leave Qatar until the stadiums were completed. The stadiums were built and the bodies buried. Like it or not, the World Cup is the most popular international sporting event and easily the most corrupt and corruptible.


What does oil money buy? A World Cup.

Let the games begin!


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