Friday Cartoon: When The Insane Think You're Crazy, You Might Be Nuts

(Credit: Jim Thompson/RedState)

Democrats are desperately seeking a wedge issue that will turn their Titanic before next Tuesday.

They’ve stuck with the “end of democracy” delusion. Biden has delivered multiple campaign speeches claiming that Republicans in general, and electing Republicans, will be the end of democracy and America will lapse into “1984.” It’s a hard sell for the sane.


The shift in opinion has been most dramatic in white suburban women. Trump turned a lot of them off, and they voted for Democrats. For the last two years they have witnessed what it’s like to have a human carrot for a president and a bunch of nuts running Congress, and they’ve had enough of the insanity. That demographic has now shifted to favoring Republicans by 15 percent. Last election cycle, that demographic favored Democrats by 12 points. That is a 27 percent shift.

But Biden and his party of nitwits have been screaming Trump! and “The Sky is Falling” for months. They’ve enlisted Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to endorse Democrats because electing Republicans is a threat to democracy. It has caused the opposite effect.

We are in the end stages of the delusion. Democrats, their media acolytes, and useful idiots like Cheney and Kinzinger have gone from screaming at clouds to screaming at ghosts and phantoms. They have repeated their “end of democracy” delusion so many times, they believe their insane claims. But no one else does.

Below is a historian appearing remotely (I’m guessing from the asylum’s kitchen). He claims that if Republicans are elected, historians will be disappeared by Republican jackbooted thugs and/or be rounded up and murdered like intellectuals in Maoist China. Children will be tracked down and murdered under a brutal authoritarian system. And all of that “could be” just an election away.


There’s no other way to describe this than insanity.

They have repeated the same vitriolic, insane “Chicken Little” nonsense for months, and voters appear to be tired of it.

It’s so insane, even the insane have decided it’s nuts.


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