Monday 'Toon: Why Does Mitch McConnell Want to Be Sen. Minority 'Leader'?

Cocaine Mitch is a curious guy. I do see why he’s concerned with the “quality” of some Republican Senate candidates. Some are not my choices, but they are the choices on ballots. He and Donald Trump are at loggerheads, but his refusal to go all-in for the candidates he has makes no sense – as in, zero. It’s like he’s a Manchurian candidate and he’s purposefully trying to maintain his minority status, so he can turtle up to the podium and give an occasional speech about the Dems’ trash policies.


Mitch McConnell has been averse to spending money on races he thinks can’t be won, but it seems that almost all the races for Senate can be won by Republicans. He needs to stop with the fatalistic talk and turtle up. In any event, there isn’t much choice now. Either spend and win (maybe) — or don’t spend and assuredly lose. McConnell holds the purse strings. He needs to open up his purse and spend like a drunken sailor.

The current strategy of holding back cash for flawed candidates will surely result in a Democrat-controlled Senate.

Stop being led by the nose, Mitch. Resume being a pain in the ass to Dems. Find the (less) old Cocaine Mitch who stopped Merrick Garland from getting a lifetime Supreme Court seat. Stop being led over a cliff by Chuck and his gang of goons.


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