Biden Suggests Republicans Are on the Side of Evil

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I don’t know how many times I have written some iteration of the theme that Joe Biden is a miserable lying dog-faced pony soldier, but he is, and he’s at it again.


On Monday Joe Biden tweeted more lies to compound his previous lies about abortion and morality. Monday’s fib is slightly nuanced about abortion. His characterization of Republicans being in league with the Devil, is not.

Biden has characterized Republicans in general, and Trump supporters in particular. as threats to democracy and vote suppressors. And now today, he claims that Republicans are just plain evil (because they don’t want babies murdered). There is no alternate way to read Biden’s Tweet. Biden resorts to his hackneyed, fake folky nonsense, resurrecting his dad, again, as the Biden Solomon. Joey was told that if you want to compare good to evil start with evil.

Biden apparently sees his party as on the side of good. He sees Republicans on the side of evil. Lindsey Graham, in a silly and politically stupid move, introduced a bill that would ban abortion after 15 weeks. It had zero chance of passing and only helped Democrats and Joe Biden gaslight the issue. Biden’s tweet is likely borne, partly, from Graham’s dead-on-arrival Bill. Recall that Democrats introduced legislation that would have legalized abortion without restriction. In other words, abortion, on-demand and up to and including 9 months. It didn’t pass. That isn’t even consistent with Roe v Wade’s silly reasoning. Democrats wanted to expand Roe and make it legal to murder a baby that is completely viable. Who, then, is on the side of evil?


The general public isn’t very informed on the issue of abortion and that lack of basic understanding is consistent with polling that “most” Americans believe that Roe should have remained the “law of the land” and at the same time, they do not support abortion when the baby is inarguably viable. First of all, Roe has not been good “law” for 20 years. Planned Parenthood v Casey modified Roe’s inconsistent and absurd dictates. When Dobbs was leaked and it became apparent that the Supreme Court was about to rule that Roe and Casey were not Constitutionally grounded the general public was, again, mislead. Americans were told that the Supreme Court was about to make abortion illegal. It was not. Dobbs returned the issue to the States, where it belonged.

Regardless of Biden’s gaslighting, the vast majority of Americans do not support abortion after the baby is “viable”. And an overwhelming number of Americans find abortion-on-demand in the third trimester to be ghoulish and yes, evil.

According to Pew, 61 percent want abortions to be legal, but according to Pew, 81 percent of Americans reject abortion on demand at all times:

“Nearly one-in-five U.S. adults (19%) say that abortion should be legal in all cases, with no exceptions. Fewer (8%) say abortion should be illegal in every case, without exception. By contrast, 71% either say it should be mostly legal or mostly illegal, or say there are exceptions to their blanket support for, or opposition to, legal abortion”


The above poll shows that less than 20 percent of Americans think that all abortions should be legal. And, frankly, I doubt that number is close to 19 percent.  If Americans were asked the question differently, I think the number would shrink.

Democrat candidates are in favor of unrestricted abortion. John Fetterman is just one. That is evil.

“Joey” Biden is the most divisive president of my lifetime. He isn’t just calling Republicans “threats to democracy” he’s suggesting that Republicans are evil.


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