Saturday Cartoon: Biden Takes A Wrecking Ball to Everyone's Money

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

This isn’t breaking news, but Joe Biden is a freaking disaster. He’s a bumbling, stumbling, demented, crooked creep and that’s just him as a human being. His policies have caused hyperinflation, which has led to the Fed raising rates at alarming frequency, virtually every major stock index tanking, and everyone’s savings disappearing. If you have a 401k, that tanked along with the stock market.


The Dow Jones index fell below 30,000 – its lowest in two years, and officially entering bear market territory.

Want to retire? Good luck.

All he had to do when he took office was stay in his Delaware basement and the country would have been fine. Instead, Biden and his idiot party pushed through trillions in new spending (money we don’t have) and then wondered why inflation happened.

Home sales are plummeting because borrowing money is now out of reach for a lot of Americans. Prices are climbing and Joe wonders why no one with a functioning brain likes him. It’s a mystery.

His press secretary throws out so many gassy lies if someone lit a match the entire eastern seaboard would be a smoldering mess.


Biden has taken a wrecking ball to everything he touches and now he’s taken his wrecking ball to everyone’s money.

But, thankfully, no more mean tweets. Just an angry demented man, screaming at half the country in front of a blood-red backdrop.

His presidency, and the Democrats’ hold on Congress, cannot end fast enough.


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