Tuesday 'Toon: Biden Searches for Credibility and Again, Comes Up Empty

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe is always late. He’s always arriving late for everything he does. He was even late for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which I think surprised no one on this side of the Atlantic.


But, I don’t mean that he is physically incapable of arriving on time, I mean the synapses in his empty head aren’t snapping in time.

Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes” interviewed Joe and as expected, Joe’s mouth got in the way of cognition. Biden told Pelley America would expend blood and treasure to defend Taiwan and that the pandemic was over. The White House was aware of Joe’s brain farts because Joe doesn’t go anywhere without someone following him with a shovel, so the crack Comms team was cleaning up Biden’s messes before the interview was over.

It didn’t help. The smell lingered.

The White House claimed Joe was speaking for himself, not for the Administration. Comms might as well have said, “Joe’s a dunce, please ignore him”. In short – Biden is not in charge.

Biden wasn’t asked any hard questions yet still managed to muck it up. How do I know Pelley didn’t ask anything Pelley considered difficult for a 12-year-old to answer? Two things:

  1. Biden’s team told Politico that his declaration that the pandemic is over was not part of his “planned remarks” so Joe had been given a cheat sheet but because he has the memory of goldfish, he forgot what he was allowed to say.
  2. Scott Pelley never asks “hard questions” without sticking his eyeglasses in his mouth. Pelley avoided his tick while asking Biden soft questions.

Here is Biden’s answer to Pelley’s query about his mental acumen:

“Oh, it’s focused. I’d say it’s– I think it’s– I– I haven’t– look, I have trouble even mentioning, even saying to myself, my own head, the number of years, no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly. I mean, it’s just not– I haven’t observed anything in terms of– there’s not things I don’t do now that I did before, whether it’s physical, or mental, or anything else.”

Oh, okay Mr. President. Yikes.

Biden is on the south portico searching for credibility. He’ll come up empty, again.




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