Thursday Cartoon: 'No Debates' Says 'Little-John-Lump' on John Fetterman's Neck

Artwork by: Jim Thompson

John Fetterman is a wreck. He’s spent a total of about 10 minutes campaigning, and each of his attempts to speak have resulted in viral videos of him making a mess of whatever he’s attempted to say. He dresses in hoodies to hide a giant “Little John” lump on his neck which adds insult to his clearly unwell mental state and unkempt appearance.


Here is his latest attempt at speaking English:


Fetterman is mentally impaired because he had a stroke. That stroke has undoubtedly wrecked his ability to think and speak. Although Fetterman “agreed” to debate his rival, Dr. Oz, he really hasn’t. His agreement didn’t include any details and whatever debate he would appear for would be well after early voting has begun. His handlers aren’t dumb — they realize that if Fetterman debates now, any likely voter on the fence will vote for Oz; so, they are playing the same game Biden’s handlers played. Keep the candidate in the basement until it’s too late. Media has done everything in its power to hold Fetterman’s hand and repeat his lies.


When one adds his impaired mental state, his ridiculous appearance and dress to his insane policies, Fetterman is the worst candidate running for US Senate. Bar none. That’s why Fetterman’s campaign desperately wants to avoid even one debate. Billy Madison would be a better candidate. Heck, Little John on his neck would be too.


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