Monday Editorial Cartoon: Uvalde 'Police Tape' Has a New Purpose

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Tex. (Townhall Media/Julio Rosas)

The Democrat (and their media lapdog) response to the report on Uvalde police failures and cops standing around while children were slaughtered, was sickening and predictable.


My colleague Sister Toldjah covered Murphy’s bad faith grandstanding previously. Chris Murphy is a truly awful man and an idiot. Cowards with guns and badges aren’t “good guys” with guns — they are guys too afraid to do their job or use a tool to stop the slaughter of children.

Democrats and willing media have pumped a new straw man:  “400 good guys with guns couldn’t stop the shooter.” Those 400 people with guns refused to use the tool in their hand, and the psychopath did. Unless a “good guy” uses the gun in his or her hand that gun is as useless as a paperweight.


There were “good guys” at Robb. They were stopped by gutless and incompetent fools. A “good guy” with a gun finally killed the Uvalde psychopath. And an actual “good guy” with a gun stopped a shooter at a mall around the same time fools were tweeting their new talking point. That good guy used his gun. The cops in Uvalde were busy getting hand sanitizer.


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