CNN: The Most Absurd Name in News

CNN lost its rudder when Jeff Zucker resigned, but the ship circles back to the same theme. What say you, Ron DeSantis? Hmmmmm?

If something happens in politics, from COVID to crack pipes, DeSantis better say something or CNN will wonder why. In reality, if he says something, CNN will manage to cut the clip then mock his response. DeSantis was apparently asked a binary question about the dispute between Pense and Trump. CNN’s Bri Keilar played part of DeSantis’ answer and cut the clip after DeSantis stopped, repeating “I’ve, uh…” Whatever DeSantis said wasn’t mockable, so it was cut off. Keilar then made fun of the repeated “I’ve, uh…”

My colleague Brad Slager saw this and pointed out the absurd game CNN plays.

If Hunter Biden was found standing in line for a free crack pipe, CNN would find a way to turn into an Administration positive and wonder why DeSantis wasn’t giving away free syringes for heroin addicts.

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