Kamala Harris on Fantasy Island... "Da Plan! Da Plan!"

Kamala Harris is an awful politician. Since rising to the Vice Presidency, she’s managed to do nothing right. That’s a remarkable feat, considering the position she holds. Harris occupies an office constitutionally designed to be nothing more than warm a seat for a Senate tie-breaker. FDR’s second VP, John Nance Garner, describer the office as a “warm bucket of spit”; Harris has managed to turn that pejorative into a target to aim for. Even the White House knows she is bad at her job and clearly leaked info to CNN for the recent hit piece.

The White House Infrastructure Bill signing didn’t have her penciled in but she trotted out with Biden and Heather Kurtenbach. Biden allowed her to introduce Kurtenbach but no one told the announcer. The Infrastructure MC followed his script and announced  “Please welcome Heather Kurtenbach!”. But there was the third thumb, VP Harris at the podium…second fiddle, to “Heather Kurtenbach. “In a moment” said a seething Harris.

Following the November election, Politico solicited the opinions of 25 “experts” on the impact of her vice presidency. They all gushed. CEO of New America, Anne-Marie Slaughter said:

Kamala Harris will inspire an entire generation of new leaders just by being who she is in the office she holds, but she can do so much more than that.

Translation. Just being “a woman of color” she will inspire people. I can see why leftist experts saw her as inspiration, just for breathing; Barack Obama was handed a Nobel Prize for the same reason.

From claiming she’s “been to the border” to her latest: interrupting a smart person with “can NASA measure trees?” Harris is a remarkable failure at a job that requires that you only stay alive for four years.

Her recent trek down failure lane was, again, opening her mouth around smart people. While in Paris at the Pasteur Institute, she opened her mouth, and out came more pabulum.

“In government, we campaign with ‘The Plan,’” she said. “Uppercase T, uppercase P, ‘The Plan’! And then the environment is such we’re expected to defend ‘The Plan’ even when the first time we roll it out there may be some glitches and it’s time to re-evaluate and then do it again.”

Social media went wild mocking her “faked French accent”. Initially, I didn’t think she was faking an accent. Harris has used that mini-speech almost verbatim several times in the past. She pulls it out, to sound smart about politics. She whipped it out in Paris because she saw a chance to link actual science to political science. It sounded dumb. It was dumb. I’m now convinced she morphed into fake French because Harris, is dumb.

Politicians, particularly the pols on the left have a habit of morphing into fake accents.

President Obama who spent exactly zero time of his wonder years, in the south, had a habit of using a faked southern accent. He did it before he was president, he did while he was president, he did after he was president.

Hillary Clinton also turned into a southern Baptist preacher more than once. In 2015 she went down south and Miss Hill’ry, she spoke from the pulpit and spoke of the promised land.

Yup, Harris saw an opening and blathered out one of her set speeches. Da Plan, Da Plan. Harris has an inferiority complex needs to sound smart in front of smart people. This time it was smart French people. Harris saw her chance to open her mouth, so she pulled out a memorized mini-speech. But because our shrinking VP is as dumb as a bag of rocks, she thought… “How do the French sound when speaking English?… I know! They sound like Tattoo on, Fantasy Island!”. When she got to the part about the “The Plan,” she pictured Hervé Villechaize pointing up at “Da Plane! Da Plane!”

Out it came — “Da Plan, Da Plan!”


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