CODE RED: Abortion Statistic: 8% of Americans Are Depraved Ghouls

A few days ago, USA Today published a story that dove into the deep conundrum for Texans “getting an abortion while trans.” I have questions –mostly about biology but since the article discusses a demographic that likely could barely fill a Prius, I’ll leave that to the readers’ imagination…


Insider published an article titled: “After the Texas abortion ban, people are preparing for a mail-order abortion future.”  A subtitle in the article: “Mail-order abortions are safe and many prefer them.” Yes, the article discusses “pregnant people.” Birthing persons apparently have options, and they include mail-order abortions.

The article includes a photo of two women protesting at the Texas state capital. Each is holding signs. One holds a “My Body My Choice” sign and the other that says: “reproductive choice, can I cut off your?” Both sign-holders appear to be unlikely candidates for pregnancy, for a couple of reasons. May I, therefore, assume that because I am a non-birthing person, I have an equally valid opinion? Abortion activists say no.

Putting a positive spin on abortion is standard fair for most journalists. In June, a Forbes headline read: “Majority Of Americans Support Abortion Poll Finds.” Not included in the Google header is the subtext. The vast majority of Americans (65%) do not support abortion after the first trimester. And, if the percentage of people support abortion in the second trimester for “any” reason is 15%.

One of the abortionist’s favorite go-to is an appropriately named Dr. Grossman. He says:

More work needs to be done to elevate the voices of people who have had abortions and who want to share their stories to help people understand the many reasons why this [2nd-trimester abortion] medical care is so necessary.”


Grossman’s stated reasons for a second-trimester abortion include being “unable to make arraignments earlier.” Apparently, if a birthing person is busy making TikTok videos and just forgot they were pregnant, that’s a valid reason for a second-trimester abortion.

One data point from the AP poll wins first place for ghoulish data. Eight percent of Americans surveyed thought it should be legal “all cases” to abort in the third trimester. In other words, there are people who at eight months 3 weeks might decide their baby is the wrong sex, and abort. I cannot imagine the internal depravity justifying that sort of reasoning, but it exists.

The human sex drive is powerful but we do have the ability to reason. Many college campuses prefer that people consent, in writing, to sex. If you have time to read and sign a contract, maybe be proactive rather than reactive and strap on a condom? Yes, I understand that condoms don’t always work, but there are plenty of ways one can prevent pregnancy rather than terminating a life.


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