CODE RED: Lost the War, Saved the Pride Flag


Today, Secretary of State Tony Blinken is appearing on Capitol Hill for his second day of blaming Trump for Afghanistan. He was asked to appear in person but declined. He’s Zooming. His testimony today, will likely be more of Monday.  Everyone but Biden and Blinken is to blame.


He testified that Trump is to blame for not having a plan to withdraw. He said:

“We inherited a deadline. We did not inherit a plan“. The Taliban had failed to follow through on its end, so in reality, there was no “deadline,” and if Biden inherited a “deadline” why didn’t we leave in May?

Six days ago, Blinken was also very concerned about diversity. He had read the names Taliban thugs taking over the Afghan government and although it includes 4 thugs President Obama released in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, it didn’t include any women. The horror. So Blinken sent a sternly written letter, and he objected. He vigorously objected to the lack of diversity in the Thug regime.

Recall that, in the midst of the Afghan crisis the Biden administration created, Tony Blinken appeared on national news and for the most part looked like a deer in the headlights. On Face The Nation he said:

“Go back a week. The government fell. And by the way, I was on the phone with President Karzai the day before, when he was telling me his intent, as he put it, ‘to fight to the death.’ Well, the next day, he was gone,”


Oops. The man he was referring to was Ghani, the crook who, at the time, was fleeing Kabul on a helicopter with so much cash the crew had trouble closing the door.

The State Department is headed by a political hack that will use Trump as an excuse-piñata for the remaining 3.4 years of this administration. But be encouraged, America, I am sure next year during “pride month,” Pride flags will flutter over embassies across the globe – because that’s the important work of State.


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